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Let’s talk about nutrition

When I was first diagnosed as prediabetic, I started to read about diabetes. Both online and in books. I understood that high blood sugar was bad and that I needed to improve my health. There was a human element missing.
As I posted earlier, I had been seeing an endocrinologist. I stopped going for a few reasons, which I won’t get into here. She was professional and courteous, it just didn’t work out.
My family doctor remains engaged in helping me. Recently he referred me to a nutritionist. My first appointment was this week, and I felt encouraged. She was the human element I had been looking for. She explained blood sugar and insulin and how I can use nutrition more effectively.
Her clinic offers a health management program which I will participate in. I did well to lose 20 pounds on my own, after diagnosis. I’ve been struggling since then. I’m ready to go to the next level and I think I’ve found the right support system.

Vegetables. Why did it have to be vegetables?

My next challenge is including more vegetables in my diet. I don’t really like a lot of vegetables to be honest. But, I understand that incorporating them into my daily life is going to help me. So, I will be looking up a lot of recipes and trying new things.


Another challenge is that I seem to be sensitive to some kinds of gluten. We’re talking a knife through the gut irritable bowel kind of sensitivity. But I haven’t been tested for this. I foresee trial and error in my future. At least I like grains more than I like vegetables!


Finally a food category that I love unreservedly. The keyword here will be moderation. The ideal meal will have 25% protein. Not 50%, not 75%, 25%. I can do it.