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Saxenda and me

Note: this is not a sponsored post. It represents my thoughts about Saxenda. My samples were given to me by a medical professional. As always, I am not a medical professional and this website is not medical advice.

Also, things get gross.

When I first met Dr H, my endocrinologist, she had mentioned that there were some medications that I could try to encourage my weight loss. One of them was Saxenda. It is also known as Victoza or Liraglutide if the patient has Type 2 diabetes.

I was willing to try it. I’ve been losing weight through diet and exercise – twenty pounds so far! Perhaps a drug could supplement the changes I’ve already made. It was presented to me as an appetite suppressant.

Not once did I think of this as a miracle weight loss medication – I read about it, and I discussed it with both my endocrinologist and my family doctor. I knew there were potential side effects and what they were. I went as far as asking if my health plan at work would cover it – it is pricey. The health plan administrators sent me forms for Dr H to fill out.

The trial

Dr H gave me some samples. Injecting Saxenda was easy. I was given very fine needles to use. I found that I barely felt anything while injecting it. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

For the first few days, I didn’t feel any side effects. My appetite seemed to diminish a little.

On the sixth day, I began to experience some heartburn and nausea. It could have been triggered by what I ate, I have never tolerated spicy food well. Eating some Tums and milder foods made things better. I continued with my nightly injections.

Dr H had instructed to me to stay at the lowest dose for at least a week, and to increase if I hadn’t had side effects. I decided to stay at the lowest dose because of the heartburn I’d experienced.

This is where it gets gross

On the eleventh day, things got worse. It was a Monday. I was at work when my bowels notified me that they were unhappy. The D-word. Diarrhea. Ugh. This time, I could not blame it on any food.

Fortunately it was almost time to leave for the day. I finished up, managed to get to a pharmacy and then home without incident.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of incidents at home. Like, the second worst bout I have ever experienced in my life (the first being that time I drank unboiled water in Russia). Plus, the nausea returned. Basically, my entire gastro-intestinal system decided to evacuate itself. For hours on end, into the night. By the morning, I was weak and ill and swearing never to touch the stuff again and cursing the pills I got at the pharmacy which did nothing. (I also lost a few pounds overnight, which I do not recommend).

No more!

As a result of that night of gastric hell, I knew that I would end my Saxenda trial. I called the endochrine clinic to report that I wasn’t going to take it any more. Dr H and I have been playing phone tag so I have not been able to discuss it with her.

I’m not opposed to trying out other medications. For now, I plan on keep doing what I’ve been doing. I’ve been carefully watching what I eat, and I’ve been walking more. I need to schedule another blood test soon to see if my A1C has changed since I first got diagnosed as pre-diabetic (it was 6.4).

If Saxenda works for you, I’m glad. I hope it does help the people using it. I just know that the side effects were too much for me and I won’t risk that ever happening again. I’m posting about my experiences because this is part of my fight against developing type 2 diabetes.