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Keeping it real

In my story, I said that I would be honest when I blog. Blogging keeps me accountable.

So here goes. Honestly, I have regained a few pounds.

Any setback is to be expected – I am human! But I started out losing weight and every pound regained bothers me. In May, I had an appointment at a cardio clinic and found out that I was at my highest weight ever (260 pounds). I was mortified. Immediately, I cut down on eating out and drinking soft drinks. I found ways to incorporate more walking into my daily commute. By the time I had my first appointment at the endochrine clinic, I’d lost four pounds.

As of last week, I was at 148 – 12 pounds lost! I was proud of myself. Why is this a big deal? Because weight loss is a factor in preventing type 2 diabetes. Weight gain puts me more at risk.

So what happened? Why did I have a setback?

I’ve been counting my calories and being careful to stay within range. I have not stepped foot in a fast food restaurant for weeks. It’s been hard, but I have not been indulging my love of Tim Hortons ice cappuccinos or English Toffee drinks.

What I haven’t been doing is exercising. In the last four days, I’ve been on vacation. Last week at work was draining, and all I wanted to do was rest. I’ve gone outside for a few Pokewalks, I’ve been gardening … but it isn’t enough.

I didn’t realize how much my daily walking was benefiting my health until I went on vacation. I will not let this setback discourage me. Rather, I’m inspired. Today I am going to lace up my sneakers, grab my hiking poles, and go to a local park for a real walk!