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Exercising against diabetes

With a couple of days of exercise and more careful eating, I dropped those pounds that I regained. And one more. Yay!

I think I will stop weighing myself every day, however. Losing weight is a major factor in my efforts to prevent diabetes. However, I don’t want the number to start becoming my focus. I will aim for a weekly weigh-in to make sure I’m on track.

This week, I visited a friend at her trailer. It was good to leave the city. Google Maps said that the scenic route was faster, so I took it. So relaxing to drive in farmland!

Eating while visiting was not an issue. I brought watermelon and grapes to snack on. Keeping my portions reasonable was important. One of our friends brought an amazing red quinoa and beet salad, and I had two helpings of that. I had no idea that anything with beets would be so yummy!

There is a pool at the trailer park and we made sure to get in some swim time!

In many ways, I identify with mermaids, but I felt that I’m a poor swimmer. I find swimming freestyle hard because of breath control.

But it all worked out. I swam a bit underwater and realized how much more comfortable I was. Swimming underwater works best for me. I don’t worry about breath control or how out of shape I am.

Went #swimming. Need to do more of that. Decided to commemorate the occasion with some #cheesecake. #mermaid

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What’s next?

Later at home, I watched some Youtube videos and realized that I am way too fast when trying to swim freestyle. And that the breast stroke would be a better stroke to focus on.

This is key – I need to find different activities. Exercising just by walking is good, but a variety is beneficial. Different muscle groups get worked and I don’t get bored. (Not that Pokemon Go is boring! My friend and I took over the local gyms!)

I can’t afford a gym pass at this time. But I could go to Sikome Lake in Calgary. Their entrance fee is minimal. And I can buy a drop-in pass for the city pools.

Swimming Pool – great for exercising

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